Evan Polekoff

Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment
Indie GameDev

Recent Projects

Critter Crossfire

Turn-Based Tactics  X  First Person Shooter

Solo Developer

Blizzard Unannounced Survival Game

Senior Software Engineer - Gameplay



Level up a party of Mercenaries and take them on procedurally generated bounty runs to fight challenging bosses

Senior Software Engineer - Game Modes


Hearthstone: Battlegrounds

Eight combatants enter, but only one will take the crown!

Senior Software Engineer - Game Modes



Deceptively Simple. Insanely Fun.


Senior Software Engineer - Features


Deck Importing

With the press of a button, you can copy a deck from withing Hearthstone and share it with your friends online! Tweet out your favorite deck, print it on a QR code, or try out a new crazy deck!


Seamless Reconnect / Offline Collection

Even when you lose network connection, you can still access your collection offline and he game will seamlessly reconnect in the background. I started this feature as a hackathon project and carried it all the way through to production.


Dungeon Runs

Hearthstone's version of a rogue-like game mode. Build an insanely powerful deck, but when you lose, it's thrown away and you need to start from scratch! Can you reach the treasure at the end of the dungeon?

Game Jams

What's a game jam?

The goal is to make a game in a time limit.
It could be anywhere from 1 to 48+ hours!

Check out all the games I've jammed on over the years.

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